Wednesday, May 12, 2010

.love. .anson. .baby.

Even though it is a little late now, I would still like to share the fun we had at

baby Barlow's shower.

The b-e-a-utiful mom to be, Celeste.

Little Anson will now poop... sleep... nurse... & play in style.

Audrey put together some great games.

#1: Clothes Pin Game - We weren't allowed to say "baby". Needless to say

we had a competitive Natzi playing and stole all our pins.

#2: Taylor's Video ?'s - Taylor was asked many questions about the baby and

the birth process. He now knows that a baby mobile is NOT a doily.

Of course we ate some yummy food.


The best part of it all was... once again laughing our guts out!

Celeste, Taylor and Anson we love you guys!