Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ande Fish

We have a fish!

We are taking a "Shrimp" swim class with our friends Jennie and Paisley.

As SOON as we dip our toes into the water Ande starts kicking....

and kicking....

and kicking!

I sometimes can't help but get a kick out of her and how giddy she becomes in the water.

Don't you love her suit ha ha?!! It was mine when I was little!

We are having such a fun time learning new things like kicking, paddeling and
flipping from our tummy to our back.

NOODLE TIME! Not so much.

We sure love playing with Paisley girl and her mama. Thanks girlies for making swim class fun!

I'm not exactly sure who has more fun during our class but, I do know that by the end of it we both are tired....

... the only difference is one of us gets to sleep on the drive home.

I sure love my Ande girl.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome to the Hibocci Ball

What better way to celebrate 
and her 1st birthday other than teriyaki chicken skewers, fried cream cheese filled wontons, birthday cake, Bocci Ball, and the best friends and family anyone could ask for!

I have always been interested in the art of culinary and thought I would dive in and give it a go. Of course I was so excited to make my first baby's birthday cake that I started two days early. It was worth the time and it turned out exactly how I had imagined it.

Having a teeeeeny tiny place is hard when you are trying to entertain a ton of folks.

Time to stuff yer face! Let the stuffing begin........

Somebody must have known it was her birthday because she would NOT stop shouting YEAAAAAAAH at the top of her lungs!!

Time for "HIBOCCI BALL"!!!!! What a ga-lor-ious game.

Poor little lady was soo so tired by this time that we literally forced her to dive into her cake.

After a little bit she tasted the delightfulness of chocolate cake!

Happy Birthday little bug!