Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i HEART my fam

Playing catch up as usual, but we now have a WALKER!!! Whoopee! Another plus is that she has been feeding herself for the past couple months. That has been so nice for us to eat while she eats and not have to take turns, plus it works out nicely for the dog too. She gets the scraps that end up on the floor, if they even make it there.
I love her bird face. HA HA HA!

We recently took a trip to Spokane to see the fam. We are crazy and didn't leave Idaho Falls until about 9 o'clock. We thought it would be easier on a one year old.... and it was! She slept most of the way there.

Mike and I took a drive around the South Hill and have declared that that is where we would like to live one day. It is the neighborhoods where trees cover the road and houses were built in forever ago. They remind him of being back east. We met up with the rest of the family and had a super yummy picnic and walked around the Japanese Gardens in Manito Park. Zach just got his mission call to West Virginia so we were excited to spend some time with him before he leaves in November.

Here he is.. Elder Eddie Munster
I swear this is what Zach looked like in fourth grade.

Anyway back to the park... It was fun! We joked around and were silly like we usually are. 
Amber and Corbyn. She just had some tumors removed from her thyroid. Corbyn has got to be the cutest little guy ever and is such a happy one!

This picture makes me laugh everytime i see it! Dad escaped and ended up "pondering" on his rock in the pond. HA HA HA HA HA Sweet pose.

Grandma and Ande giggling all around the gardens. Ande sure loves her grandma. 

The hubs enjoying a nice stroll through the park.

Ande and Corbs

We found a cute Halloween costume for Corby Coo. We all laughed so hard when he was wearing it. He looked so funny. His daddy is a HUGE Star Wars fan. We played the theme song and sat Corbyn in the middle of the floor for when his dad came in the room.
... cutest thing ever, I am....

What a sweet kiss. Not everyone was enjoying it.

Grandpa was so nice to share his ice cream with Ande. She couldn't wait to get her spoon in that bowl. It was just her size.

We sure had a fun time with everyone and wish we could visit more.

We are also enjoying every minute with our Ande girl who is growing smarter everyday and brings so much joy into our lives.