Thursday, June 16, 2011


A family that plays together...

Grampa sure loves his toys from China. He has the coolest helicopters! He has become so skilled with flying them that he can land on the fan blades. We challenged him to see if he could get this balloon down (keep in mind this is a 30 foot ceiling).

He totally did it! Amber probably enjoyed it more than anybody and had to point out the fact that dad was so proud of himself for getting the balloon down.

How can you not be proud of this guy! 

His next favorite toy is a remote control Hummer that plays awesome Chinese music and seriously goes so fast! HA HA can't you just see the excitement in his face?!

The toys kept getting bigger and bigger. Finally the scooter. When he stopped to let Ande off he hit the breaks and she knocked her head on the front area. We all couldn't stop laughing, poor little girl.

Gramma's are for smothering. No more personal space bubble.

Ande and daddy taking the UTV out for a drive in the mountains.

Mike doing Mike things

This smile is so contagious. He knows he is a little stud.

Somebody tries to play the harmonica just like grampa. He even smacks out the spit just like him too. 

This is what happens when you Aunt Amber have complete creative control. You get STEEEEEEKERED!

This is what happens when you let Amber have the camera. Nobody makes me laugh like my sister. You crack me up.

Don't these kiddos look so cute in this hat! HA HA HA

I can't help but see Elijah Wood in this picture of Ande. Can't get a clear picture to come up of him though... anyway you get the picture, literally.

If they could only stay this sweet foreverrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! She thinks she is big stuff hanging out on the floor with Aunt Amber.

I seriously love home. I miss it. It is so incredibly beautiful.

There is always some new adventure to go on right so why not do it in one of these... of course somebody had to jump in the driver's seat so nobody else could take his spot.

Dad and Amber 

Mike and I

I know, you're jealous.

We barely got a splash on us at this point... only a glimpse into what was about to happen.

All smiles until Mike put us into the gigantor puddle off the side of the road, soaking us both (mostly me and my CAMERA because the puddle was on our side of the road). No pics because I had just ran out by taking this pic here plus I was worried my camera was damaged and wanted to get home to dry it out. I still love you. Thanks for being so much fun and at least bringing us back home in one piece.

I love you all so much and have so much fun when I am with you guys. Wish we were all closer so we could play all the time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mother's Day

Yes I realize Mother's Day is SOOO last month, but this is what happens when you do a 16 week course class in 4 weeks. You have NO TIME TO DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO!!! So now I have a two week break before the next class starts which means it is time to play catch up.
We surprised my mom for Mother's Day this year and it couldn't have been more fun. She totally had no clue we were coming and everyone was in on it so it was fun to plan out what we were going to do and the fun things we would do for the weekend.
We always webcam with my family so we thought it would work out great for our suprise. We snuck into my sisters apartment which is in my parents shop right next to the house. After a few complications, we had her get on webcam with us so we could show her our "gift" we made her for Mother's Day. We briefly chatted then we told her we had her gift. We put my nephew Corbyn on my lap and she laughed for a second. Appearently she thought it was a boy that just looked like Corbs. My dad had to point it out that is was actually him on my lap which meant we were there too! She freaked out and BOLTED out the door over to Amber's place.

Amber had so many fun things planned for all of us to do. We started off by making SUPER yummy mini cup cakes. Ande calls them pupcakes.. very fitting.

These were so DELIGHTFUL! We made our version of Olive Garden's Lemon Dream Cake (if you haven't had it before you seriously haven't lived) and a salted carmel cupcake. The buttercream on it was knock your socks off yummy!

                               AMBER'S                                       MOM'S & BREANNE'S

During nursery Ande made this cute little gift. She was so cute, when she gave it to me she said SURPRISE MOMMY! She was so thrilled about it all.

One of the best parts of the day was that we got to Skype with Elder Munster!

It was the best Mother's Day ever. It couldn't have been any better!! I love my family so much and thank Heavenly Father everyday for them. I LOVE YOU ALL!