Monday, May 2, 2011

Awards & Accomplishments

This last weekend has been full of excitement and great things! We started off by attending Mike's ROTC award ceremony.

Mike accepting his award for being on the Honor Roll 

Award for Color Guard

He is the outstanding Cadet of his MS II year and was awarded with this!
I'm proud of you Mikey and the great accomplisments this far. I know you will do great things in life and I am so grateful to be apart of it.

Mike was also apart of the opening ceremony of the new Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello. He was posted up with the American flag. We were able to watch a black hawk fly over and transport all the local leaders and President of the hospital.  

My little buddy was also a perfect little cheerleader. Everytime the crowd clapped she got so excited and clapped her little heart out too. She kept shouting "daddy" and was excited to see him, but I personally think she was more thrilled to clap along with everyone.

My favorite part was touring the hospital. We ran around trying to find out where my photo was located. I sold a picture of the elk refuge to them! Grandma and "Johnson" came along with us.

Ande wouldn't leave the elephant alone. She just kept giving hugs and smiling.

We were able to see the life flight helicopter take off as well.

Long story short we finally located my photo... in HR! We weren't able to get into the office so here it is from through the window.

What a great couple of days and weeks it has been. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have the people and opportunities in my life.

Who's da Moiderah?

The Chicago Caper Murder Myster Dinner Party

Da suspects ~

~Carl & Ashely~

~Spencer & Cali~

~Jared & Chrissy~

~Mikey & Breanne~

Who's da Moiderah?

Hoppy Eater... I mean Easter

 I have never realized how "sweet" Easter really is. Cyndee and I started out by making and decorating Easter cake pops. 

Ande bug couldn't resist helping out ...

or eating the decorations

Nothing like pure SUGAR

Our semi finished cake pops

Us playing "Easter Bunny"

The Saturday before Easter we started a new family tradition. Breakfast, egg hunt and games! It couldn't have been better weather either. Warm and sunny in Idaho in the month of April... I'll take it!

What kid wants to stand in line for a picture knowing there are candy filled eggs to be found?
I sure love my Benny! He had found so many eggs and noticed that some of the younger kiddos didn't so he started hiding some of his for them! What a guy that, Benny!

After all the fun was had, Ande and dad dissapeared for a bit to "color, color" before it was time to dye eggs.

Easter Day

This is how the Zebe boys look after a L O N G weekend.